Owners Program

5 Reasons To Join The Elysia Park Owners Program Today

With the Elysia Park rental guarantee program, you can earn a return on your investment, with the knowledge that your property is being taken care of by our on-site team of experts. When you do wish to visit, you can enjoy the use your property and facilities with the added benefits of VIP welcome packs and exclusive discounts on facilities.

1. Official Resort Rental Company

  • With our professional team on site to take care of your property and tenants on a day-to-day basis 24/7
  • 150 properties under management

2. Guaranteed Rental Income

  • You get paid regularly even if the property is empty or occupancy is low
  • Stable predictable cash flow
  • A guaranteed contract start date

3.No Hidden Costs

  • Electricity and water charges are paid by the company
  • Protection against tenant damage
  • Charges for maintenance inspection will be settled by the company
  • Bed linen and towels are provided by company and replaced

4. Peace of Mind & Hassle Free

  • We take care of everything from start to finish – from marketing your property to welcoming the guests and everything in between.
  • A full maintenance and reparis service
  • Your property returned in its original condition (subject to fair wear and tear)

5. You can still enjoy your holiday home

  • Personal use in the low season (up to 4 weeks) will not affect income
  • In case the owner wishes to use the property during the mid/high seasons, a deduction from the rental income will be made accordingly