Explore Omodos & True Cypriot Hospitality

Omodos is an absolute must visit, when exploring Cyprus. Nestled on the side of a mountain amongst seemingly endless vineyards, it is one of the most picturesque villages in Cyprus. The large village square, lined with quaint old stores selling traditional products including lace, bread and local wine, is also the gateway to the True Cross Monastery; home to a piece of the True Cross amongst other relics. As you stroll the narrow pebbled-paved roads, lined with stone built houses you get a real glimpse of a true Cypriot tradition and culture.


It is located about 42 kilometres north-west of the city of Limassol and it is approximately a 55 minute drive from Elysia Park.


From an architectural perspective, the houses with their traditional roof bricks, flower filled gardens,  wooden gates and  various decorations on the balconies, also pose a great deal of interest. Traditional art is preserved on the outside and on the inside of the houses, from the old tall bed with the crochet bedspread, the carved couch, the toned chairs and the walls decorated with frames, it is steeped in history.


When in Omodos….. Do as the locals do.


Down the little pathways, you will find many little eateries, some true hidden gems where you will almost certainly find the locals gathering at the weekends, for their large family get-togethers. We recommend that you try the traditional Cypriot Meze for a true local dining experience. Meze; literally means small delicacies, is not just a meal, it is a style of dining. Comprising of between 18 and 30 different dishes, it always starts with fresh local bread and homemade dips and usually ends with some delicious, melt in your mouth grilled meat courses. The meze courses should be eaten slowly and enjoyed over good company and great house wine, for a true authentic taste of Cyprus.


Hire a car to explore at your leisure or ask our Reception Team about our excursions to Omodos Village.

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