Long Tradition of Coffee

Coffee culture in Cyprus is deeply rooted in the country’s history and traditions. Known for its rich and flavourful coffee, Cyprus has a unique coffee culture that has evolved over centuries.

One of the most popular coffee drinks in Cyprus is the Cypriot coffee, also known as “ellinikos kafes”. This coffee is made by boiling finely ground coffee beans with water and sugar in a “briki”,a small copper or brass pot. The coffee is then poured into a small cup, and the grounds are left to settle at the bottom. It is typically served with a glass of cold water and a small sweet treat.

Another popular coffee drink in Cyprus is the frappe, which is made with instant coffee, water and and sugar, shaken in a cocktail shaker with ice, and served with a straw. It is a refreshing and popular summer drink and can be found in almost every café in Cyprus.

Apart from traditional coffee, Cyprus is also home to growing specialty coffee scene. Independent coffee shops are opening up around the country ,offering high- quality coffee made with locally roasted beans .These cafes often have a modern and trendy ambience, with baristas trained in latte art and coffee brewing techniques.

Coffee culture in Cyprus is not just about the drink itself but also about the social aspect. Coffee is often a reason for people to meet and spend time together. It is common for friends and family to gather in cafes to catch up, have a drink, and enjoy some traditional sweets or snacks. Whether you are looking for a quick caffeine fix or a place to socialize, Cyprus has a vibrant and growing coffee culture that is worth exploring.

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