Halloumi – a Cyprus Delicacy

Halloumi has been produced on the island for centuries, it is undoubtedly Cyprus’ most popular cheese and a staple part of any local’s diet. Delicious served, hot or cold, it is extremely versatile. Enjoy it grilled as part of a traditional meze, chopped in a salad or sandwich or even cold with some fresh chilled watermelon.


The most authentic Halloumi is made in the villages around Cyprus with sheep or goat’s milk, however it can also be made with cow’s milk or even a mix of all three. Traditionally it is made in special large bronze containers where, after adding the rennet, the milk curds are removed from the heat, strained very well and then wrapped in a piece of cloth with a heavy object placed on top to squeeze out any remaining whey. The cheese is then cut into pieces and submerged once again into hot whey until it rises to the surface, then taken out of the container and placed in salt and mint, folded in two and left to cool.


Insider tip: There is a popular local tavern in Pano Paphos, which serves oven baked Halloumi in honey for a taste that is simply delectable. Ask our reception team for details – reservations are an absolute must.

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