Green Monday

Green Monday celebrates the end of Carnival and the start of the Lenten period, it is a feast that is held on a Monday, seven weeks before the Orthodox Easter Sunday.  The day is known by several other names including Pure Monday, Clean Monday and Ash Monday.

There are several traditions associated with Green Monday and it’s widely celebrated across Cyprus. Green Monday is a public holiday, so everyone takes the day to enjoy themselves, often by having a picnic at a local beauty spot. Fasting foods are traditionally eaten on this day. This includes a variety of shellfish, and lagana, a special type of azyme bread , taramas, tahini, halvas and hummus are also frequently enjoyed at this time.

Kite flying is also a traditional activity and a glance at the skies on Green Monday is a beautiful sight with the sky filled with colourful kites. It’s a great time to take a stroll to the beach to watch this stunning spectacle.

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